What is the Viral ‘Eye Color Bracelet’ Trend on TikTok?

The popular trend of creating customized ‘eye color bracelets’ for couples has taken over TikTok, with many videos going viral.

TikTok trends that revolve around individuals’ significant others frequently gain widespread popularity on the app. From creative tasks such as ‘Paint your partner’ to relationship quizzes consisting of 12 questions, there is no shortage of trends for couples to participate in.

The newest trend circulating is the endearing ‘eye color bracelet’ trend, where couples commemorate their relationship in a distinct and customized way.

What is the Eye Color Bracelet TikTok Trend?

The latest trend involves couples making bracelets that mirror the eye color of their partner. This enjoyable and intimate craft project has gained popularity among couples and is now widely shared on the social media app, TikTok.


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A popular trend on TikTok is for individuals to share their creative process and the end result through short clips, which often become viral. To make the bracelets, one must gather a variety of colored beads that complement their partner’s eye color, as well as some elastic for threading.

A few individuals are creating two distinct bracelets, with each one representing the eye color of their significant other. For example, one bracelet may be entirely green while the other is entirely brown, depending on the specific eye colors of the couple.


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Despite the fact that most TikTokers are making two bracelets that include a combination of both individuals’ eye colors, they are identical in design. These bracelets often feature alternating beads in hues such as brown and blue.

How to do the ‘Eye Color Bracelet’ TikTok Trend

To join in on this popular trend, start by visiting a craft store to purchase the required materials: colored beads that correspond with you and your significant other’s eye colors, as well as elastic for stringing. After selecting a design, measure and cut the elastic to fit each wrist, and then tie a knot at one end to secure it.

Start stringing the beads in the pattern you have selected. When you are done, secure the ends of the elastic by tying them together to finish making your bracelet.

The trend of eye color bracelets has gained immense popularity on TikTok, with videos receiving millions of views and likes. This trend emerged a few weeks after the wholesome ‘sunrise or sunset’ couple trend became viral on the app.

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