#How to Use Photo Mode in Alan Wake 2

The long-awaited expansion pack for Alan Wake 2, Night Springs, has been released for PC and consoles. Along with this unexpected launch, the main game has also been updated with new features, including the highly anticipated photo mode. Whether you’re exploring the eerie Night Springs episodes or revisiting Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2, you can now make use of the photo mode.

Explaining Photo Mode in Alan Wake 2

To enter photo mode in Alan Wake 2 on PC, simply press the Y key or navigate to the pause menu while using a controller. This feature can be accessed from both options.

After activating photo mode, you have the option to modify numerous camera settings, implement filters, incorporate additional light sources, enhance the intensity of fog, personalize a wide range of effects, and even include frames inspired by the detective board in Saga’s memory palace.

Once you have finished making adjustments, you can capture an image by pressing F on the keyboard or X/Square on the controller. Unfortunately, there is no option to customize the controller toggle for the photo mode.

One of the greatest features of this place is the ability to adjust the lighting according to your preferences, providing ample freedom in capturing your desired shot. Whether utilizing a camera flash, flashlight, or spotlight, you can experiment with various options. Alternatively, if you are short on time and looking for a quick solution, you can choose from the presets offered in the initial menu. Personally, I highly recommend the evidence shot, which effectively recreates photos for the evidence board in Saga’s Mind Palace.

To access Photo Mode, Alan Wake 2 owners do not need to upgrade to the deluxe edition. Simply update the game to version 1.1.0 to not only access photo mode, but also additional manual save slots.

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