KSI challenges Slim & Anthony Taylor to 2v1 tag-team boxing fight

KSI, a popular YouTuber and influential figure in the world of boxing, has issued a challenge to both Slim Albaher and Anthony Taylor for a 2v1 tag-team match upon his return to the ring.

After his defeat to Tommy Fury in late 2023, where he attempted to achieve what Jake Paul could not, KSI decided to take a break from boxing. The popular YouTuber also took some time away from the online world before eventually returning to creating videos and shifting his attention towards Prime Hydration.

Nevertheless, he is now preparing to enter the ring once more and in a YouTube video released on June 8, he challenged two opponents to a tag-team match on August 31. “Despite being told to have a warm-up fight due to my 10-month hiatus,”KSI clarified.

He reiterated, “What they fail to remember, ladies and gentlemen, is that I am not Jake Paul. My goal is to engage in a fight. I am determined to push my limits and challenge myself. Therefore, I have decided to take on Slim and Anthony Taylor in a 2v1 handicap tag-team match, as they have been constantly provoking me.”

The YouTuber initially gave the two fighters a deadline of 24 hours to respond, but it turns out that both of them had already agreed to the challenge. Slim expressed his confidence in defeating his opponent alone by saying, “2V1 lmao, I’d knock his lights out by myself,”while X stated, “If this is my only opportunity after years of pursuing KSI, then I apologize AT, but you won’t be able to tag me. Let’s make it a reality.”

Likewise, Anthony Taylor publicly acknowledged and accepted the offer on social media, essentially solidifying the fact that it will indeed take place.

Recently, discussions have taken place for former unified super-lightweight world champion Amir Khan to potentially fight the YouTuber in August.

Despite this, KSI still has his sights set on his longtime enemy Jake Paul. In the YouTube video, KSI presented his final proposal for the two to finally face off in the ring, with the stipulation that the fight takes place at the agreed upon weight of 185lbs.

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