Huang Zitao Addresses Fans’ Criticism of His Silence on Dating Rumor with Xu Yiyang

During a recent live stream, Huang Zitao addressed fans who were excessively curious about his personal life, specifically regarding his relationship with Xu Yiyang.

On June 27, Huang Zitao, a former EXO member and popular Chinese idol, held a live broadcast on Weibo to share updates about his current situation with his fans.

Despite being in a live setting, Tao expressed his annoyance with questions about his personal life and declined to address any of the dating rumors surrounding him.

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He firmly declared:

“Is it wrong? Should celebrities reveal everything? Each person has their own way of life and no one can define another person.”

Tao went on to express his thoughts on public relationships, stating:

“About dating, I think it is a private matter and if someone admits to being in a relationship, you should bless them. However, it is not wrong if they don’t admit it. Do you get it?”

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Furthermore, Tao also spoke out about the mistreatment and numerous derogatory remarks he has faced since his return to China, stating:

“If I listen to and see the kind of torture and abuse that others are treating me every day, then I will suffer. Why should I care about them? I am now 31 years old, and I will never do it again… being influenced by the outside world.”

Currently, Tao’s dating life is causing a stir due to rumors of a romantic involvement with Xu Yiyang, a fellow artist and C-pop idol signed to the same label as him.

Despite the rumors surrounding them for the past four years, Tao continues to remain tight-lipped about the situation. Despite being caught meeting outside of work and engaging in intimate gestures such as holding hands and hugging, Tao has yet to release an official statement.

Former EXO Tao & Yiyang
(Photo: Zitao, Yiyang)
Former SM Entertainment Idol & Trainee Spotted Together – Are They Dating?
(Photo : Tao, Yiyang (Star News))

Tao’s thoughts were held in high regard by many, but there were some who displayed ridiculous reactions, such as:

  • “It’s funny that they don’t admit it when they take pictures of each other every time they go on a date.”
  • “Then don’t be a celebrity.”
  • “You cover your eyes and say nothing.”
  • “What else? You can fall in love and get single bonuses at the same time.”
  • “It sounds like the money you earn is donated for free.”
  • “Is it because you are afraid that you will lose fans and followers, then you won’t be able to make money that you are so scared to make it public?”

In April, there were also speculations that Tao and Yiyang were on the verge of tying the knot, but no official confirmation was given by the alleged couple.

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