Update on NMIXX Haewon’s Injury and Participation in MBC’s 2024 Midyear Event

Haewon intends to restrict her activities during NMIXX’s upcoming itinerary.

On June 28, JYP Entertainment issued a formal announcement stating that Haewon had suffered a minor back injury while practicing. After the incident, the idol went to the hospital for a check-up.

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Based on the checkup findings, Haewon’s daily routine will not be affected by the injury. However, the agency has confirmed that Haewon will still participate in the MBC’s 2024 Midyear Special “Music Core in Japan”on June 29 and 30.

The statement concluded by reassuring fans that Haewon’s recovery was a top priority and requesting their understanding. The full statement can be read here.

“Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.

NMIXX member Haewon suffered a minor injury on her back during practice this week and visited the hospital for a thorough examination.

Based on the results, the injury will not affect her daily life. However, according to the opinion of medical professionals, excessive movements should be avoided. This advice has prompted Haewon to avoid excessive moments for the time being and focus on recovery.

Consequently, Haewon will be performing while sitting down at the 2024 midyear special “Music Core in Japan,”which will take place on June 29 (Saturday) and 30 (Sunday). Our top priority is on the health of our artists and we will do our best to help them recover as soon as possible.

The health of our artists will always be our top priority and we will do our best to help her recover as soon as possible. We would also like to ask for fans’ understanding.

Thank you.”

Responding to news of Haewon’s illness, NSWERs conveyed their concerns for the idol’s well-being and hoped for a speedy recovery. Here’s a look at their reactions:

  • “Alright SQU4D time to give Haewon that promised vacation from Workdol, chop chop.”
  • “If the pain persists, don’t force yourself and rest. Because the health of Haewon leader is the most important thing.”
  • “In times like these, I think it’s better to get support from other members while undergoing treatment. I hope your injury heals soon.”
  • “Don’t overdo it Haewonie, rest well and heal fast!”
  • “Haewon, I hope your back gets better quickly. I look forward to seeing you on June 30. I hope everyone in NMIXX is ​​happy and healthy. I love you.”
  • “Oh my god, Haewon sorry to hear that get well soon girl.”
  • “Please rest as much as possible Haewon.”

Hoping for Haewon to have the quickest possible recovery!

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