HyunA Opens Up About Weight Gain and Pressure to Diet

HyunA has revealed the true explanation behind her 8kg (17.64 lbs) weight gain.

On June 9, the initial installment of “Umaizing Date”was released on the “Umaizing Uhm Jung HwaTV”YouTube channel. The guest for this episode was HyunA, and the host Uhm Jung Hwa engaged in an honest discussion with the soloist. During the conversation, HyunA shared about her recent health struggles and difficulties with weight gain.

Upon seeing HyunA, Uhm Jung Hwa complimented her appearance, stating, “You look amazing lately.”In reply, HyunA acknowledged, “Thank you, but I have gained weight. I need to go on a diet. I have put on 8kg.”

HyunA went on to elaborate on her motivation for dieting and losing weight, stating, “I have recently realized that I need to start dieting because my clothes are no longer fitting me. I have already been on a diet for three days.”

HyunA Reveals Real Reason She Gained 8kg: 'I Have To Diet...'
HyunA Reveals Real Reason She Gained 8kg: ‘I Have To Diet…’ (Photo : HyunA Instagram)

During their conversation, Uhm Jung Hwa brought up HyunA’s appearance on “Dancing Queens on the Road”and inquired about her experience, saying, “I heard you fainted multiple times. Did you seem thinner than usual?”

Despite her reluctance, HyunA revealed her struggles with health, admitting, “Unfortunately, there is a genetic component that I cannot control. My mother also has a weak heart. At the age of 26, I noticed an increase in fainting spells. It’s a difficult situation as I find myself hospitalized twice a year.”

HyunA Reveals Real Reason She Gained 8kg: 'I Have To Diet...'
HyunA Reveals Real Reason She Gained 8kg: ‘I Have To Diet…’ (Photo : HyunA Instagram)

HyunA shared, “After the doctor advised me to gain weight for better health, I made a conscious effort to eat more nutritious meals. Since then, my eating habits have significantly improved.”HyunA’s weight had dropped to 40kg previously, but she has likely reached the 50kg mark at present.

Despite only being a few months into the year, 2024 has already been filled with drama for HyunA. In January, the former 4MINUTE member caused a stir when she announced her new relationship to the public. She shared a photo on her personal social media holding hands with Yong Junhyung, a former member of Highlight, which immediately sparked dating rumors.

A post shared by instagram

The post caused a frenzy on social media, prompting HyunA to ask fans to view it with kindness in the comments. Shortly after, Yong Junhyung also shared the same photo, confirming his presence in the picture.

Both HyunA and Yong Junhyung have been vocal about their romantic partnerships in the past. HyunA was open about her relationship with Dawn from 2018 until the end of 2022, while Yong Junhyung was public about his two-year relationship with the late KARA member Goo Hara, which began in 2011.

Despite facing significant public scrutiny, their choice to make their relationship public has been met with controversy due to Yong Junhyung’s involvement in the Burning Sun scandal and HyunA’s previous friendship with Goo Hara.

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Despite the release of the ‘Burning Sun’ documentary, HyunA continues to face criticism for her relationship with Yong Junhyung.

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