One Piece’s Ancient Weapons and Colonization Theory

After the World Government’s possession of one of the Ancient Weapons was revealed in chapter 1116, it became the center of attention in One Piece. With the next chapter set to release on June 17, 2024, fans are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the powers wielded by these mass-destruction weapons.

The whereabouts of the Ancient Weapon Pluton are thought to be in Wano, while Princess Shirahoshi, known as Poseidon, is believed to reside in the depths of the sea on Fisherman Island. It is rumored that Uranus is currently held by the World Government.

The origins of these weapons’ powers may lie in a past anime series centered around weapons of mass destruction. Not only do these weapons share similarities with the Ancient Weapons, but they also possess immense destructive capabilities.

Please note: The following article includes potential spoilers from the One Piece manga series and reflects the author’s personal opinions.

Exploring the true powers of the Ancient Weapons in One Piece

Franky (left) and underwater Wano (right) (Image via Toei Animation & Shueisha)
Franky (left) and underwater Wano (right) (Image via Toei Animation & Shueisha)

Pluton, an ancient weapon, made its debut during the Arabasta arc as the first of its kind in the series. It was believed to be the most formidable warship in existence, and its blueprints were entrusted to Franky. However, he ultimately destroyed them during the Enies Lobby arc.

During the climax of the Arabasta arc, it was revealed by a Poneglyph that Pluton was located in the Wano Kingdom. Kozuki Suriyaki also confirmed that the weapon was resting somewhere beneath the current Wano.

Princess Shirahoshi, also known as the Ancient Weapon Poseidon, hails from Fisherman Island. Despite being a mermaid, her full potential as an ancient weapon has yet to be unlocked.

The destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom (Image via Toei Animation)
The destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom (Image via Toei Animation)

The location of the Ancient Weapon Uranus remains a mystery, but Vegapunk disclosed in chapter 1116 that the World Government utilized an Ancient Weapon to obliterate the Lulusia Kingdom. This has led to speculation that Imu, the Supreme Leader of the World Government, currently possesses Uranus. Given its destructive capabilities shown in the annihilation of the Lulusia Kingdom, Uranus is undoubtedly a weapon of mass destruction.

With the capabilities of these weapons remaining uncertain and speculation being the only basis, fans are curious about the marvels that these Ancient Weapons possess. In order to shed light on this topic, this article will delve into the past and examine an anime series that showcases weapons of mass destruction.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is an anime series that was first released in the 1990s. The plot revolves around a girl named Nadia, who is constantly on the run from the Neo Atlantean forces that are after her blue pendant, known as the Blue Water.

The Neo Atlantean forces, who acted as the antagonists, were in possession of advanced spacearks known as the Noah. These spacearks were primarily designed for interplanetary colonization, but they were also utilized against Nadia in order to capture the Blue Water.

The battleship part of the Red Noah as seen in the anime (Image via Gainax)
The battleship part of the Red Noah as seen in the anime (Image via Gainax)

There were three different spacearks, including the Red Noah, which was camouflaged as an island, like the other two Noah spacearks. However, a portion of it malfunctioned and turned into a powerful ship with the ability to annihilate entire nations. In comparison to the Ancient Weapons in One Piece, the Red Noah was comparable to Uranus.

According to Vegapunk, the World Government’s weapon (Uranus) utilized a portion of the Mother Flame to obliterate the Lulusia Kingdom. This suggests that the remaining parts of Uranus may also be an island, akin to the Red Noah.

The Blue Noah, like the Red Noah, is primarily used as a mode of transportation and has destructive capabilities. Similar to Pluton, it is considered the most dangerous “warship,”making it capable of both transportation and destruction.

Princess Shirahoshi (Poseidon) (Image via Toei Animation)
Princess Shirahoshi (Poseidon) (Image via Toei Animation)

The final vessel, known as the Sunken Noah, lived up to its name by being submerged deep in the ocean. Despite being a spaceark, it had the unique abilities of smooth underwater travel, psychic powers, and transformation.

It is possible that Princess Shirahoshi possesses great powers, as her true awakening as Poseidon could involve her transforming into a weapon capable of controlling the Sea Beasts using her psychic abilities.

Similarly to the Noah spacearks, the Ancient Weapons in One Piece may have been designed for colonization purposes, but instead were utilized for mass destruction during the Void Century War.

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