All Destiny 2 Visions of the Traveler locations

Visions of the Traveler, which can be found throughout Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion, are a recently introduced type of collectible. This is the complete guide to locating all of them.

If you want to obtain the Exotic Khvostov Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, you will need to search for Visions of the Traveler. These can be found throughout the game, with a total of eight in existence. As you collect them, you will also earn Triumphs.

Therefore, this is the location where you can locate all Visions of the Traveler in Destiny 2 and learn how to use them after obtaining them.

Destiny 2: Where to find all Visions of the Traveler

In Destiny 2, there are eight Visions of the Traveler scattered throughout the Pale Heart. Here are the locations:

The Landing

To locate the initial Vision of the Traveler, begin at the Transmat zone in The Landing and make an immediate left turn. Proceed to the perimeter of the zone and search for a small body of water situated beneath a waterfall. The Vision of the Traveler can be found within this pool.

Vision of Traveler location in The Landing Destiny 2

This Vision can be found hidden in a pool.

The Blooming

To reach the Vision, located in The Seclusion, take the East path from the transmat zone in The Blooming. When you come across the orange crystal, look up among the dead trees. From there, you can climb the rocks of a nearby cliff to reach it.

The Stalemate

The location of the Vision in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is conveniently near the transmat zone at The Impasse. Despite being in plain sight, it remains hidden among the pillars of the surrounding buildings that are visible when first arriving in the zone.

The Lost City

It may require some additional traversing to locate this particular Vision of the Traveler:

  1. Head to Micah-10 and leave the tower through the door on the side of this room.
  2. You’ll find yourself in a portion of The Lost City that you were in at the beginning of the campaign.
  3. The rooftops are color-coded to show different paths you can take, you need to look for the red one.
  4. Jump across the rooftops until you can’t continue forward anymore.
  5. Look for a small pool of water with a waterfall.
  6. Dive into this pool to discover the next Vision of the Traveler.
Vision of Traveler red path in Destiny 2

Follow the red-colored rooftops to find the Vision in The Lost City.

The Refraction

In The Refraction, continue your journey from the transmat zone and venture deeper into the area until you come across the crystalline caves. Take a moment to peer over the edge and you will notice an opening in the cliff where a creek is flowing.

Descend to the roots below you, and pass through the opening to reach the pool where the Vision awaits.

The Seclusion

In order to achieve this Vision in Destiny 2, you will need to finish certain quests assigned by Micah-10, which will lead you to uncovering the missing Ghosts.

Continue playing Alone in the Dark until you are directed to Searing Light to eliminate the Cysts. Progress through the mission until you enter the room right before the final boss – you will recognize it by the presence of a large tree in the center.

In this room, make a right turn to discover a small hole that you can jump into. Upon doing so, you will uncover the hidden Vision of the Traveler.

The Divide

Navigate to the mountain in this region and begin your ascent to the summit. Upon reaching the peak, you will notice a satellite dish situated on the left side of the construction. The Vision can be found concealed behind this dish.

The Sin

Spotting the last Vision of the Traveler in The Final Shape can be challenging, as it is located in the stormy region of The Transgression. To simplify the search, head towards the structure where the Paranormal Activity event typically occurs.

Navigate through this formation and search for a large deceased tree on the left, and you will find the Vision tucked behind it.

Visions of the Traveler in Destiny 2

After gathering all of the Traveler’s Visions in Destiny 2, it is necessary to position them on the pedestals located in The Lost City.

  1. Return to the transmat zone located in The Lost City.
  2. To reach another room, turn left and pass under the platform with stairs to find a doorway.
  3. Place each Vision on a pedestal in this room.
  4. Unlock the chest that is visible to obtain the Exotic version of Khvostov.

If you are unable to open the chest, please be aware that you will need all Motes of Light and have earned the Mote of Primordial Light in order to do so.

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