iiTzTimmy announces switch from DSG to Moist Esports in mid ALGS split move

Timothy “iiTzTimmy”An has recently revealed his decision to leave DSG’s Apex Legends team and join Moist Esports in a sudden roster change during mid-ALGS.

Despite the change in ownership and team name, iiTzTimmy has remained a key member of DSG’s Apex Legends team. He helped lead the trio to a fourth-place finish at the 2023 Championship and an eighth-place finish at the most recent 2024 Split 1 Playoff.

As the second week of the Split 2 NA Pro League came to a close, two of the most renowned teams in the region, DSG and Moist, are experiencing significant changes to their roster.

With the arrival of iiTzTimmy, Moist will witness one of their players, Matthew “Emtee”Trengove, transitioning to a coach. However, DSG will now have a vacant slot to fill.

During his stream, iiTzTimmy declared, “I am excited to announce that I will be joining Moist Esports and teaming up with Gild and Wxltzy.”

According to Timmy, Emtee resigned as their third player and the team was in need of a replacement. As a result, they approached Timmy and he accepted their offer to join them.

“Timmy expressed his deep care and appreciation for his teammates at DSG, Dezignful and Enemy. He referred to them as his closest friends and requested continued love and support from everyone.”

Despite there being no official announcement from DSG and Moist, Timmy’s departure was acknowledged by DSG’s X (previously known as Twitter) account in a post recognizing the move. This announcement from Timmy came shortly after Dezignful had put out a request for competitive players.

Currently, both Moist and DSG are ranked in the lower half of the table for the NA Split 2. Moist did not earn any points in their most recent game, while DSG only accumulated a total of four points in their last two games.

Despite both teams’ ongoing efforts to secure a spot in the Split 2 Playoffs, the journey is far from over as there are still two remaining rounds before the Finals.

Despite facing visa issues, Moist Esports was forced to drop their ALGS team during the Split 1 Playoff in order to attend the LAN. As a result, the organization is now taking legal action against US Immigration.

As iiTzTimmy joins Moist, obtaining visas should become easier as the majority of the roster will be comprised of American players.

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