Teachers Accused of Bullying Principal After Tricking Her into Dressing Up

A principal became an internet sensation when she enthusiastically announced a dress-up day at work, unaware that her fellow teachers had played a prank on her.

Amy Andreassen, known as ‘average_principal’ on TikTok, often shares content on her experiences as a school principal.

Numerous videos on her account feature pranks that her teaching staff play on her, and although Andreassen remains a good sport in both the comments and captions, viewers are skeptical of the true intentions behind these pranks.

The now-viral video, which has amassed over 3.6 million views, led many to believe that the teachers were being “cruel”to Andreassen as she was unknowingly tricked into dressing up on a regular school day.


Pranked again. 😬 This one was pretty creative! Now – before someone types “insubordinate” – it was all in good fun. We have 2 days of school left and the principal is always fair game for shenanigans. #principaltok #principalsoftiktok #teacher #iowa #endoftheyear #summervacation #principal #prank

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“Andreassen was thrilled when her staff organized a ‘Wear Your Brightest Colors’ day. She also mentioned that multiple teachers had reached out to her via text to remind her to participate in the dress-up event.”

Andreassen was fully dedicated to the occasion, putting on a pink dress, stockings, shoes, and necklace. She then completed the look with a floral cardigan and a headband with “cat ears.”

Nevertheless, upon arriving at school, Andreassen was surprised to find that the dress-up theme was specifically for her. Despite this, she confidently wore her brightly colored outfit throughout the day, while the rest of the staff opted for black and grey attire.

Despite concluding in her video that teachers are mean, Andreassen still found the prank to be creative and mentioned in her caption that it was all in good fun. With only two days of school left, the principal was fair game for shenanigans, as she anticipated someone might label it as insubordinate.

Despite this, several viewers expressed their belief that the situation was “terrible”and emphasized that “Pranks should not cause harm.”

“Although I didn’t appreciate their meanness, I hope your actions brought smiles to the children’s faces and that you have a wonderful day/week,”expressed one individual.

“Someone else remarked, “It ended up working against them because now you appear to be the protagonist.”

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