ILLIT, ENHYPEN’s Agency Takes Firm Legal Action Against Slanderous Posts Targeting Groups

On June 10, BELIFT LAB issued two distinct statements announcing their intention to take legal action on behalf of both groups, ILLIT and ENHYPEN.

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Refer to the announcement released by ILLIT:

“Hello. This is BELIFT LAB.

We have taken legal action against perpetrators of malicious posts that include defamation, insults, sexual harassment, false information, and slander against ILLIT.

We are writing to inform you of our progress.

ILLIT only debuted three months ago, but the posts directed towards them have been extremely malicious, and are far beyond the limits of common decency. To protect the members, strong legal action will be applied.

Before this post, we have been collecting evidence of malicious posts and comments across all online platforms since their debut, as well as submitting a complaint with the authorities.

The complaint contains individuals who wrote malicious posts and comments on online sites, including Naver, Nate, theqoo, DC Inside, Instiz, ilbe, etc. It also includes music sites such as MelOn, Bugs Music, Genie, etc.

Furthermore, it also involves international social media applications such as X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, etc. Even deleted posts aimed to eliminate evidence have been collected through a real-time monitoring process.

To protect our artists’ well-being and interests, we will proceed to enforce strict measures against malicious posts invading our artists’ rights, which are also based on the reports sent by fans and evidence collected by our monitoring.

We will hold those accountable to the end without leniency.

The cooperation of fans is crucial in our process. We encourage them to report any malicious posts or intent targeting ILLIT to BELIFT LAB’s legal response hotline (

We appreciate your support, dedication, and we will continue to protect our artists.

Thank you.”

Furthermore, a distinct announcement has been made regarding ENHYPEN:

“Hello. This is BELIFT LAB.

We would like to provide an update regarding our legal proceedings, as our company regulates monitoring against authors of malicious activities against ENHYPEN, which includes defamation, insults, sexual harassment, baseless claims, and ill-intentioned criticism.

Through real-time monitoring, evidence containing groundless rumors and defaming comments has been collected since these unpleasant actions are increasing online. This also includes already-deleted posts.

We have collected malicious posts and comments across online channels in domestic and international areas, and these were from valuable reports from fans, as well as our own monitoring. The company has also submitted a complaint to the investigative authorities.

The nicknames of the perpetrators have been tracked down, and they have continued to change their nicknames. We have filed a criminal complaint against these offenders.

Take note that the posts written anonymously or deleted are also subject to our legal proceedings after the investigation has identified its authors.

The past complaints also include the identities of those who uploaded malicious posts on domestic sites have been secured by the authorities, thus, the legal proceedings are now being processed. Once again, anonymous or deleted posts are not exempted.

We will strive to implement strict measures against these posts aiming to invade the rights of our artists, and we will deliver this legal action without settlement or leniency. The process regarding monitoring and collection will be increased, as we will hold those responsible accountable.

BELIFT LAB collects information regarding malicious posts targeting ENHYPEN and reports them to the authorities. We encourage you to report any cases of abuse to our hotline (

We are thankful for the fans’ affection and dedication. BELIFT LAB will continue to protect the rights of its artists.

Thank you.”

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