ILLIT Named Billboard’s First K-pop Rookie Of The Month

In an article titled “Why ‘Magnetic’ Group ILLIT Is Billboard’s First-Ever K-Pop Rookie of the Month”, the US music media outlet Billboard recognized ILLIT (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, and Iroha) as the Rookie of The Month for June 2024 on June 28th (local time).

On April 20th, Billboard recognized ILLIT’s “Magnetic”as the first K-pop debut song to enter the HOT 100 at No.91. Additionally, the group’s first mini album “Super Real Me”entered the Billboard 200 at No.93 on May 11th, further solidifying their success on the charts.


Furthermore, Billboard pointed out that even after the most recent chart update on June 29th, “Magnetic”continues to hold a spot on the “Global 200″and “Global 200 (excl. US)”charts. The publication also highlighted that this further solidifies the group’s international popularity.

According to Billboard, ILLIT’s success is more than just a coincidence. Their captivating vocals, viral-worthy choreography, and magnetic personalities captured the hearts of viewers during their show, making them a standout in the global K-pop scene.

In an interview with Billboard, the five members shared their goals, plans, and messages to fans, highlighting ILLIT’s debut process and limitless potential for growth.


During their interview with Billboard, the members of ILLIT expressed their amazement at the overwhelming love and support for their debut track “Magnetic”. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to visit and meet their fans in the US, as they have never been there before. The group is grateful for the love they have received and promises to work hard in order to deliver even better music and performances in the future. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for updates.

In March 25th, ILLIT made their debut with the release of their first mini album “Super Real Me”. The lead single “Magnetic”captures the essence of a teenage girl’s emotions as she rushes towards her beloved at full speed.

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