Interpol Issues Red Notice for Hwang Ha Na, Former Fiancée of Park Yoochun

The only granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Product’s founder and former fiancée of singer Park Yoochun, Hwang Ha Na, has been the subject of a red notice issued by Interpol.

After the recent scandal surrounding basketball player Heo Woong and his former girlfriend, Hwang Ha Na has once again become a topic of interest for the media. The former girlfriend of Heo Woong claimed that Hwang Ha Na had introduced her to the use of illegal drugs.

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During a phone interview with a media outlet, Heo Woong’s former partner stated that Hwang Ha Na had offered to inject her arm with something that would make her feel good. She continued, saying that Hwang Ha Na had described it as something nice, but after feeling nauseous and throwing up, she regained consciousness to find needles surrounding her.

These accusations compound Hwang Ha Na’s previous charges, leading the police to request assistance from Interpol in issuing a red notice as Hwang Ha Na currently resides in Thailand.

Since her involvement with the late Lee Sun Gyun’s case, Hwang Ha Na has deleted all her social media accounts and has been staying out of the public eye.

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