K-netizens React To Red Velvet Joy’s Recent Appearance

A user on Nate Pann posted several pictures of Joy from Red Velvet’s recent comeback promotion. The post, titled “Current Situation of Red Velvet’s Joy,”sparked curiosity as the netizen included the caption, “What’s going on?”


Afterwards, various other netizens added their comments:

Why has Joy been receiving an unusual amount of hate recently? It is uncommon for an idol, who has been active for 10 years, to face such criticism, especially considering that it is not directed towards the entire group. Is this a case of a reverse viral phenomenon? Or are these hateful comments coming from long-standing jealous individuals who have held animosity towards Joy for years? It appears that haters are being excessively harsh towards Joy at the moment. Is their behavior not irrational?

It is evident that the hate comments and actions directed towards a female idol, who was forced to take a break due to illness, are causing harm to female idols in the Pann community.

Despite the haters, I firmly believe that Joy is about to experience her second heydayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She remains a permanent member of a program and is frequently featured in the media. It’s no surprise that you all are envious of her.

Despite her double eyelid surgery, the increase in haters during her heyday shows that it was ultimately unsuccessful.

Despite the abundance of beautiful pictures of Joy in recent times, her critics have chosen to focus on the least flattering one and unjustly criticize her. However, I am confident that Joy will remain a prominent figure for a considerable amount of time.

Despite Joy still receiving a lot of hate, her star quality remains amazing.

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