Lee Seo-jin praises new intern Go Min-si on Jinny’s Kitchen: She’s a refreshing change from V and Choi Woo-Sik

In the latest episode of tvN’s entertainment show “Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2,”which aired on June 28th, Go Min-si was officially introduced as an intern.

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In the latest episode, Lee Seo-jin gathered with his team to prepare for the grand opening of the new restaurant. Alongside seasoned staff members Choi Woo-sik, Park Seo-joon, and Jung Yu-mi, new employee Go Min-si also joined the group. Despite feeling nervous and admitting to not getting much sleep, Go Min-si received a warm welcome from everyone. Co-stars Choi Woo-sik and Jung Yu-mi, who had previously worked with Go Min-si in the movie “The Witch”and drama “Live,”were thrilled to see her again.

In a sudden moment, Choi suggested to begin the interview, to which Go replied confidently, “I am skilled in the kitchen and also capable of serving tables.”Go mentioned her previous experience working at a barbeque restaurant and a cafe, as well as a wedding planner company before her acting debut.

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During a recent interview, Go Min-si shared that she has been honing her cooking skills. When Lee Seo-jin asked what dishes she was able to make, Go Min-si replied that she wasn’t sure, but felt it was important to at least try and contribute in the kitchen. Lee Seo-jin responded with a smile, complimenting her on her social skills.

After their serious discussions, the cast received the news that their next destination would be Iceland. This brought about cheers from everyone. Na PD also announced that for the first time ever, a traditional Korean restaurant would be opening in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

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A few days later, while practicing the main dish, intern Go Min-si brought her own cooking tools and practiced at home with the secrets she had learned. During the briefing led by Lee Seo-jin, Go Min-si took notes diligently. In the final simulation, the cast prepared for their upcoming business by preparing the ingredients. Go Min-si took on the task of cleaning the vegetables herself. Seeing her hard work in the cold, Lee Seo-jin kindly offered her a warm seat. As Lee Seo-jin observed Go Min-si’s dedication, he remarked, “She is truly putting in a lot of effort. I have never seen an intern work as hard as she does. When Woo-sik and Tae

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Finally, Go returned to her hotel. When questioned about her feelings on her initial day at work, she replied, “I am just blank.”Park Seo-joon offered her advice, stating, “Tomorrow is the actual first day. It is important that you maintain composure and allow yourself to rest.”

The company was getting ready for its inaugural sales with the guidance of head chef Choi Woo-sik. Choi Woo-sik commented, “Min-si is a one-woman show and I believe she is equivalent to two interns.”Go Min-si was also commended by Lee Seo-jin, who stated, “Min-si was the first to arrive and clean, there has never been an intern as dedicated as her.”

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