Illit’s Agency Accused of Plagiarism by NewJeans and Criticized by Netizens

On June 10, ILLIT’s agency Belift Lab released an official statement denying Min Hee-jin’s claims that ILLIT had plagiarized NewJeans. They also stated that they would be pursuing legal action against Min Hee-jin.

Furthermore, the company released a video exposing NewJeans for plagiarizing other groups, resulting in even more condemnation.

newjeans nmixx

Specifically, Belift Lab’s video showcases a variety of footage of NewJeans and juxtaposes it with footage from other groups such as GFRIEND, IZ*ONE, Sunmi, VIVIZ, IVE, NMIXX, Oh My Girl, LE SSERAFIM, BLACKPINK, ENHYPEN, Triple S, LABOUM, BTS, DIA, the Mexican group Jeans, and Pristin.

ill it newjeans hanbok

Despite Belift Lab’s attempts to claim similarities by intentionally editing hanbok images of other groups to match NewJeans’ hanbok images, most of these comparisons have been deemed ridiculous.

newjeans enhypen

Furthermore, Belift Lab’s allegations against NewJeans for plagiarizing NMIXX’s choreography in “Love Me Like This”with their song “Ditto”were quickly debunked by online users who pointed out that “Ditto”was actually released prior to “Love Me Like This”. This revelation made the accusations appear baseless and absurd.

Some comments from internet users are listed below:

  • Bringing all these artists in just to defend ILLIT, they are really reaching
  • Wow to think a video like this comes from the official channel of a company, Belift Lab has truly fallen so low
  • This is truly a shit company
  • Why are they doing this…
  • Now I feel seriously sorry for ILLIT

According to an article from theqoo, a popular online forum, it has been reported that…

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