BIBI Releases Belated Apology Over University Festival Remark: ‘I Will Be More Careful in the Future’

In April of last year, BIBI’s performance at Namseoul University’s festival set the stage on fire, captivating the audience with a mix of excitement and controversy.

Despite this, her interaction with the crowd caused a heated debate on the internet.

BIBI unexpectedly asked thought-provoking questions to the audience.

“Are you having fun at school? Who hates school? Who thinks school is X? If I act like a bad X, you should say ‘crazy X’.”- BIBI

Next, she encouraged the audience to join in by using a phrase similar to “crazy X”when she portrayed a “bad X.”

After the event, BIBI’s performance video quickly spread on social media, sparking a divisive conversation among netizens.

Despite some criticism, many found fault with her language, denouncing it as “going too far”and showing a lack of respect towards the institution of education.

Despite the criticism, some individuals stood up to defend her by stating that her comments fell within the scope of artistic expression and were in line with the underlying themes of her music.

Despite the growing controversy, BIBI remained silent at first. However, on June 8th, she finally spoke out and publicly apologized through social media.

She acknowledged in her statement that she has a tendency to make bold comments to hype up the audience before performing “BIBI Vengeance.”

Nevertheless, she admitted that her excitement may have caused her to overstep a boundary at the Namseoul University event.

“I always make roguish remarks to hype up the atmosphere before singing ‘BIBI Vengeance’, but I think I got too excited this time and it came out wrong. I am sorry. I will be more careful in the future. Please look at me kindly. I am always grateful.”


Even though she has faced criticism, BIBI’s unique musical style and distinct voice continue to be praised and celebrated.

Despite the ongoing debate, BIBI’s performance at Namseoul University’s festival serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate nature of artistic expression and the important balance between challenging conventions and honoring societal norms.

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