Indoor Smoking Controversy: Jennie’s Side Addresses Investigation Status

A spokesperson for ODD ATELIER (OA), the independent label representing Jennie, informed Xports News on the 9th that Jennie is currently residing in the United States. They also mentioned that they are currently working on verifying the details surrounding the controversy.

jennie blackpink

On the 2nd, Jennie released a vlog video through ODD ATELIER’s independent YouTube channel. The video shows Jennie getting her makeup done by staff in preparation for an event.

Despite this scene, Jennie was also caught using an electronic cigarette, and what caused a stir was her act of exhaling the smoke directly towards the staff’s face. Her decision to smoke indoors while the staff were present was met with disapproval, resulting in accusations of “abusing her power.”

Despite being removed from the vlog, the scene caused a stir on the 8th as it circulated through various online communities, resulting in controversy and a plethora of negative responses.

In the past year, Jennie departed from YG Entertainment and established her own independent label, ODD ATELIER.

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