Male Students Flock to See BTS’s Jin During His Visit to Old High School

On July 8th, Jin posted a mirror selfie on his Instagram, dressed in the school uniform of his former high school, Boseong Boys’ High School.

bts jin

On that day, Jin returned to his former high school to film content for his YouTube channel. According to reports, he had lunch with the students and even led a special P.E class, creating lasting memories at his alma mater.

Furthermore, the students shared their accounts of seeing Jin on various online platforms. One video in particular captured their overwhelming excitement upon encountering Jin, leaving them unsure of how to contain their emotions.

A different video captured the students running in the direction of Jin, resulting in a humorous moment reminiscent of the film “Train to Busan”. Several of them appeared to be carrying papers, likely in hopes of obtaining Jin’s autograph.

The students enthusiastically cheered and shouted for Jin, closely observing his every gesture as he performed as their male idol. They showered him with compliments such as “You are so cool”and “Hyung I love you!”

After finishing his military service on June 12th, Jin was selected as a torchbearer for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics on July 27th. While specific plans for the event have not been revealed, it has been announced that Jin will participate as a torchbearer and spread a message of unity and tranquility.

BTS has been consistently promoting positive impact through their addresses at the UN General Assembly and the ‘Love Yourself’ campaign, a joint effort with the Korean Committee for UNICEF since 2017.

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