Shin Bong-sun Addresses Dating Rumors With Kim Jong-kook, Reveals His Feelings Towards Me

On July 8th, DJ Kim Min-kyung made a special appearance on SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”alongside Jo Hye-ryeon, Shin Bong-sun, Moon Hee-kyung, and Lee Ah-hyun.

During the broadcast, Shin Bong-sun revealed, “Ah-hyun approached me and Kim Jong-kook on the show and inquired about that,”in regards to speculations about her and Kim Jong-kook dating.

Shin Bong-seon

Afterwards, she clarified, “He doesn’t like me,”and then mentioned, “But Jong-kook oppa is a fan of mine.”

Recently, Shin Bong-sun gained attention for successfully losing 11kg through a combination of exercise and dieting.

Shin Bong-seon

The female broadcaster mentioned that she had gained weight in comparison to when she was actively dieting. She then went on to share her dieting tips, stating that she changed her lifestyle and began doing yoga at 8 in the morning, as well as swimming every morning.

During a video posted on her YouTube channel in November 2023, Shin Bong-sun announced that she had successfully lost 11kg.

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