Influencer’s Obsession with Idol Ends Relationship: ‘It’s Always Yeonjun’

Despite being a widely known online influencer and CEO of a successful fashion brand, Cho Young Min (also known as @thug_min on Instagram) has made a surprising revelation on his social media. In a series of Instagram stories, he has disclosed the reason for his recent breakup with his girlfriend.

The posts have generated considerable interest and initiated discussions among both his followers and netizens.

Cho Young Min shared a private conversation with his former girlfriend on his Instagram story. In the conversation, she had sent him a video of TXT’s Yeonjun with a message expressing her love for him.

Yeonjun (Photo: Instagram)

I’m a pure guy. I don’t need a girl who says ‘I love you’ easily to other guys. I want to do only sincere love, someone I can put my all into.

– @thug_min/Instagram

In addition, Cho presented KakaoTalk messages in which his former girlfriend expressed remorse for her behavior.

Despite Cho’s apologies, she ultimately chose to terminate the relationship.

Cho Young Min
Cho Young Min (Photo : Instagram)

Ex-girlfriend: Youngmin, I’m sorry. You said you didn’t like these types of things, so I was in the wrong to do it. I will make sure this will never happen again. I will be careful even in other chat rooms or places where you aren’t there. I didn’t think too deeply about this and didn’t think it through.

Youngmin: Just live simply. Just the way you want, that’s being happy. I will go to find my own happiness. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Cho continued to address his ex-girlfriend’s public post about their breakup in another Instagram story, elaborating on his reasoning for the decision.

“The reason for breaking up is simple. She sent the message of ‘Yeonjun, I love you’ while we were dating. It seems like she was supposed to send it to her friends. Around 11:30 PM, I was going to send her a DM because I missed her, but seeing the video and her message about Yeonjun, who would want to marry someone who talks about some other guy. Although I want to respect her, it just doesn’t make sense to me personally with my views, and so I broke up with her. She posts me publicly on her Instagram, but why is she sending me DMs of some other guy she talks about with her friends? I was so annoyed, so I just went to the club to hang out. I’m currently eating a Philly cheesesteak.”

Additionally, his ex-girlfriend shared her perspective on the situation and confirmed the breakup through her Instagram story.

hyeji_al (Photo: Instagram)

We indeed broke up because of TXT’s Yeonjun. My ex was not happy as he was someone who thought of idols as the opposite sex. Although I didn’t understand it, I tried to respect it since he was someone I loved. I also sincerely apologized to him. But I am just baffled that this is the reason for breaking up, as a couple who talked about marriage for the past year.

– @hyeji_al/Instagram

The posts have caused a mixture of shock and confusion among netizens, with numerous individuals expressing disbelief that a relationship could potentially come to an end due to this incident.

The occurrence emphasizes the intricacy of relationships in the era of social media, where the boundaries between public and private lives can intersect unexpectedly.

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