Influencers Rally to Support Sketch Following Explicit Leaks: Banks, Ludwig, More Chime In

Several content creators have expressed their support for Sketch following the circulation of leaked footage showing the Twitch streamer in explicit content.

Despite being one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and gaining popularity on various social media platforms, Sketch recently went live on July 8 to address the circulation of leaked videos and photos depicting him engaging in explicit content.

He acknowledged that he was the person in the leaked content, apologized to any fans who had viewed it, and clarified that the photos and videos were from a “dark period”in his past when he was struggling with addiction issues.

After Sketch’s confession, numerous influencers on different platforms responded to the news and showed their support for the Twitch streamer. Among them were members of FaZe, who were present with Sketch when the leaks first started spreading.

FaZe Banks and Kaysan Support Sketch

Both Banks and Kaysan reaffirmed their support for Sketch in individual posts on X (formerly Twitter), after having stood by him on the night the news was announced.

Internet users who were making “crazy assumptions”were called out by Banks, who labeled them as “weirdos”. He shared text messages with Sketch that depicted how “the FaZe boys”united to show their support.

Banks wrote, “Sketch was my homie yesterday, he’s still my homie today, and he’ll continue to be my homie tomorrow.”

Kaysan expressed a similar feeling when he commended Sketch, praising him as a “legend”for his handling of the situation. He has shown nothing but kindness, authenticity, and humility towards everyone, including myself. This young individual is a fighter, and we fully support him.

Popular Content Creators Show Their Love and Support for Sketch

Other than members of FaZe Clan, there have been others who have shown support for Sketch and criticized those who have been “hating”on the Twitch streamer for his previous personal life. Here is a list of those who have reacted to the leaked information thus far.


Hasan expressed on X that as long as Sketch remained nonviolent and did not harm anyone, he would not feel ashamed of his previous personal choices. He stated that nothing that had been released remotely implied any wrongdoing.

The YouTuber expressed disappointment at those who mocked him and caused him to feel unwelcome.

Duke Dennis

During a livestream, YouTuber Duke Dennis spoke about the situation and scolded viewers for “making a big deal”out of it. He also expressed that they shouldn’t concern themselves with it since it didn’t involve them.

After previously meeting Sketch, Dennis referred to him as a “great f***ing guy”and stated that his sexual orientation did not diminish that. He also added that it would be strange to end their friendship because of it.


Streamer Cuffem responded to Bank’s post on X, reassuring Sketch that they were not alone and expressing their love and support for them.

He emphasized that Sketch’s reputation should not be “stained”because he did not harm or hurt anyone. He then stated that there were “genuine weirdos”in the industry who deserved to be criticized instead.

Mike Majlak

The co-host of Impaulsive and author, Mike Majlak, recently posted a photo on his social media account with Sketch, expressing his gratitude for having the opportunity to meet and spend time with the Twitch streamer on multiple occasions.

“His remarkable heart, optimistic attitude, and passion for living are truly admirable. I am grateful to know him as a friend and I pray he remains the kind and genuine person we all cherish.”


Cinna, a popular streamer and YouTuber, described Sketch’s response to the leak of his explicit content as an “amazing Sketch W”, commending him for finding the positives in a difficult situation.

“She stated that the ability to smile in the face of such a difficult situation is truly inspiring.”


SteveWillDoIt, a popular YouTuber, emphatically stated that he would always support Sketch, even to the point of death. He made this clear in a tweet on X, where he also expressed his disdain for anyone who speaks negatively about the Twitch streamer.

After someone responded and claimed that the leaks were not real, Steve responded, stating, “It doesn’t matter, it’s his own business.”


YouTuber LosPollos criticized those who were making a big deal out of the leaks and Sketch’s sexuality, asking “Why does it matter to you what someone else does?”

Despite having made many fans laugh and have a good time, Sketch was shocked by their sudden change in attitude towards him. He expressed his disappointment, calling the switch up “really f***ed up.”


Streamer Ludwig showed his support for Sketch by dubbing him “the goat”, which stands for “the greatest of all time”.

Jake Paul

Jake, one of the two Paul brothers, also expressed his support for the Twitch streamer by taking to X and making his stance clear. He simply wrote, “We love you Sketch.”

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