Jynxzi’s Emotional Response to Sketch Leaks: He Never Harmed Anyone

Jynxzi, who is a fellow streamer and also a close friend of Sketch, became emotional and cried after the viral release of explicit content involving the latter.

Ever since he started streaming on Twitch, Sketch’s popularity has skyrocketed in just one year, gaining a huge following of over a million on the platform. A significant factor contributing to his success is his close bond with fellow content creator ‘Jynxzi’, and their wholesome friendship has even sparked the viral “What’s up brother?”trend on TikTok.

In July 7, 2024, explicit content that Sketch had created years ago started to surface online. This sparked backlash from some of the creator’s fans, and Sketch responded by providing an explanation that stated the content was made during a period of dealing with “addiction”.

In response to the situation, Jynxzi has delivered a heartfelt message of solidarity, addressing both fans and creators who have condemned Sketch in the wake of the leaked content.

During a stream, Jynxzi reassured his chat by saying, “No one is perfect. We all face challenges and have flaws. To me, a friend is a friend regardless of any imperfections.”

As Jynxzi criticized the individuals who had unfollowed Sketch following the exposure of his private life, tears streamed down their face. “To all those who turned their backs on Sketch or suddenly began to hate him, remember that he never caused harm to anyone with his actions,”Jynxzi expressed.

He reassured his fans that he and Sketch had recently spoken, but expressed sadness at the thought of Sketch going through the worst day of his life. Later on in the stream, Jynxzi commended FaZe Banks for supporting Sketch during the initial hours of the leaks becoming public.

Sketch responded by revealing that he had been living in fear of the potential leak for two years. He also confessed that he had contemplated taking his own life after the content was exposed, and expressed gratitude to Banks for supporting him during that difficult time.

On TikTok, Jynxzi referred to Sketch as his “brother for life”and asked his fans to send him love and support. He emphasized that this is what Sketch needs the most at the moment.

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