Informant Releases Video of Jung Joon-young Clubbing in France

JTBC received a recording from the individual who initially reported the news about Jung Joon-young in France. The footage captures the male vocalist dancing with a female companion and reveling in loud music at a nightclub in Lyon, France. Notably, the pair frequently engaged in physical touch while facing each other.

The person who recorded this video is currently studying Korean. After recognizing that Jung Joon-young and his group were speaking in Korean, the informant approached them to engage in friendly conversation. Upon hearing someone in the group mention that Jung Joon-young was a well-known singer in Korea, the informant finally realized his identity as the main figure in the Burning Sun Scandal.

Afterward, the informant engaged in a conversation with Jung Joon-young on social media, during which the male singer introduced himself as “June from Boston” . He proceeded to share, “I am a writer and composer, and I am also planning to open a Korean restaurant in Lyon.”

Once the public became aware of Jung Joon-young’s location in France, he deactivated his social media account and messaged the informant, expressing disappointment with the situation, stating “I was trying to make friends, but this is disheartening.”

Although concerned about potential backlash from internet users, the informant clarified their decision to disclose the current situation of Jung Joon-young, stating, “He remains unchanged.”They added, “Even after spending five years in prison, he still shows no signs of remorse and it frustrates me that he has no plans to leave the music industry.”

In March, Jung Joon-young was released from prison after completing a five-year sentence for participating in group rape and sharing illegal videos in 2016.

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