Jang Na-ra’s Rumored Divorce After 2 Years Of Marriage

On July 10th, speculation about Jang Na-ra getting a divorce after being married for 2 years became prevalent in online communities. This was due to her recent decision to follow a lawyer’s account that focuses on handling divorce cases.

jang na ra

In reality, Jang Na-ra is solely following the lawyer for her upcoming acting project. As she portrays a divorce lawyer in the new drama “Good Partner,”she requires guidance from professionals in the industry.

On the evening of July 10th, Jang Na-ra attended the press conference for her drama “Good Partner” and proudly discussed her contented marriage. The actress shared, “While portraying my character, particularly in melancholy scenes, I often questioned, ‘Why did she choose to marry even though she was aware of the possible outcome?’. After filming, I happily returned home to my husband and it dawned on me that dramas are distinct from reality.”

Jang Na-ra also expressed her admiration for her husband’s unwavering support in her career. She credited him for introducing her to the “Good Partner”team and shared that they often spend time together reading and discussing scripts at home.

Finally, the actress expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards SBS for not only giving her the opportunity to portray a new character in the drama ‘VIP’, but also for introducing her to her husband who happened to be a member of the production’s camera team. She sincerely thanked SBS for their role in bringing her husband into her life.

When Jang Na-ra made an appearance on “You Quiz on the Block” at the end of last year, she proudly spoke about her husband. She gushed, “I adore his gorgeous smile, his kind heart, and his genuine nature. Most importantly, he always puts in tremendous effort into his work. I feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing person by my side for the rest of my life.” The actress also shared that she was the one who made the first move in their relationship.

Jang Na-ra, who was born in 1981, has gained recognition for her roles in numerous popular dramas, including “My Love Patzzi” , “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” , and “Your Are My Destiny” , among others. She is also well-known for her hit OST, “Sweet Dream” . Her marriage to her husband, whom she met while filming the 2019 drama “VIP” , was officially announced in June 2022 after two years of dating.

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