International Petition Demanding the Resignation of Min Hee-jin from HYBE Keep Her Away from BTS

On May 27th, an international petition titled “MIN HEE JIN’s Departure from HYBE Company” was uploaded on the website

The writer noted in the petition that there has been a recent revelation of certain individuals spreading false information and conducting a harassment campaign against groups such as BTS, ILLIT, and LE SSERAFIM.

Min Hee Jin

The writer also alleged that MIN HEE JIN deliberately pays media and reporters to spread false information about your company. The motive behind this action is to damage HYBE (BTS, ILLIT, LE SSERAFIM, and other groups) and decrease the value of their contracts, ultimately leading to their downfall. Such behavior is highly unprofessional and detrimental, creating a hostile environment for those affected. Therefore, I implore you to conduct a thorough investigation into these accusations and take necessary measures to prevent any further harassment and dissemination of false information. It is only fair that MIN HEE JIN be held accountable for any damages caused to the company and its artists.

The petition contained pieces discussing Min Hee-jin and also included English translations of her conversations with shaman A. By 7 PM on May 27th, a total of 21,702 individuals had signed the petition, aiming to reach 25,000 signatures.

The petition also included various remarks demanding the resignation of Min Hee-jin, including statements such as “We do not want Min Hee-jin to be near BTS”and “Remove her from the 16th floor.”

Min Hee Jin

Before, during the press conference on May 31st, Min Hee-jin had expressed her desire for reconciliation with HYBE. She had stated her intention to seek a beneficial compromise for all parties involved.

She emphasized, “A corporation is not solely owned by one individual, but rather consists of multiple shareholders. I urge HYBE to thoroughly consider this. As the CEO of ADOR, a subsidiary, my ultimate objective is to diligently and seamlessly execute the plans I have in place with NewJeans. Furthermore, I have confidence that HYBE will take my thoughts into consideration and I am hopeful that we can reach a favorable agreement through this.”

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