Jungkook named The Most Successful Member of BTS by Forbes

According to a June 3rd (local time) report from US media site Forbes, it has been confirmed that Jungkook of BTS will be making a comeback. The article states, “The Most Successful Member Of BTS Is About To Return,” and reveals that Jungkook will be releasing a digital single titled “Never Let Go” on June 7.

Jungkook released “Never Let Go”as a special fan tribute for BTS’s 11th debut anniversary. The song is a heartfelt expression of appreciation and affection for ARMY (BTS’s fandom), reminding them to always hold onto each other’s hands.

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Jungkook’s highly anticipated comeback has caught the eye of both local and international media. According to Forbes, Jungkook’s solo endeavors throughout the past year have solidified his status as the most accomplished celebrity.

During the previous summer, Jungkook dropped his solo song “Seven”and it accomplished major achievements such as reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and being named “Song of the Summer”at the VMA. After this, Jungkook unveiled his debut solo album “GOLDEN”which demonstrated his talent as an international pop sensation through the songs “Standing Next to You”and “3D”.

Excitement is mounting to witness the records that Jungkook’s fan song “Never Let Go”will establish.

At the same time, Jungkook joined the military in December with his BTS bandmate Jimin. Prior to enlisting, Jungkook was renowned for his impressive cooking abilities, and there have been reports that he is currently working as a cook during his military service.

The sources for this information are Daum and Forbes.

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