K-netizens React to Jessica’s Changed Appearance After Moving to China

According to reports, on the 28th of last month (local time), Jessica, a former member of SNSD, made an appearance at a beauty brand’s event in Taiwan.

jessica jung

The pictures of Jessica at this occasion caught the interest of both Korean and international fans. Her radiant facial expressions, along with subtle changes in her features, captured the attention of Korean fans.

jessica jung

In the pictures, Jessica was seen wearing a stunning black mini-dress adorned with jewelry that accentuated her one-of-a-kind slim and angular beauty. She also caught attention with her neatly rolled long hair. Her distinct appearance only further set her apart from the Jessica of SNSD that was known to Korean fans.

In the meantime, since her appearance on the Chinese audition show “Sisters Who Make Waves,”Jessica has been actively involved in activities in China.

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