“Lovely Runner” Soundtrack Song Continues to Top Billboard Charts

On June 4 (local time), Billboard released news that “Sudden Shower”, a track by the fictional boy group ECLIPSE from the K-drama “Lovely Runner”, had achieved the 199th spot on the ‘Billboard Global 200’ chart.

The Billboard Global 200 chart evaluates songs through a combination of streaming and sales data, but does not take into account broadcast scores.


Among the noteworthy submissions, “How Sweet”and “Bubble Gum”by NewJeans claimed the 15th and 30th spots, while aespa’s “Supernova”and “Armageddon”secured the 17th and 55th positions. The inclusion of “Sudden Shower”serves as a testament to the show’s overwhelming success, as it is notoriously difficult to achieve such recognition.

It is worth mentioning that ECLIPSE has yet to make any appearances on music shows apart from the drama. This has sparked anticipation among fans for a possible promotional activity, especially since the drama concluded a week ago.


Despite its popularity, there were speculations that ECLIPSE, which includes Byun Woo-seok, Lee Seung-hyub, Moon Si-on, and Yang Hyuk, would make an appearance at KCON, a K-culture festival organized by CJ ENM. However, CJ ENM has clarified that these rumors are inaccurate, leaving fans disappointed.

Despite this, the drama remains popular and the release of the full OST of “Lovely Runner”on the 5th is expected to generate even more interest in ECLIPSE’s potential music show promotions.

The source for this information is Nate, available at https://m.news.nate.com/view/20240605n03839?sect=ent&list=rank&cate=interest and can be accessed by opening the link in a new tab.

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