Is aespa Karina Starting a New Dance Trend with This Move in ‘Armageddon’ Stage?

Karina’s talent has once again left fans impressed!

aespa Karina Goes Viral For Doing THIS Move In 'Armageddon' Stage — New Dance Trend Incoming?
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Throughout the fourth generation, aespa’s leader Karina has consistently been in the spotlight for her impressive dance abilities and commanding presence on stage. In their “Drama”era, Karina gained attention for her signature bounce move during the chorus of the song, causing it to become a popular trend.

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This also prompted fans to commend the aespa member for her dancing skills and share their own versions of the popular bounce move on various social media platforms.

The dance challenge gained so much popularity that Karina herself became aware of it and decided to participate in the trend. MYs were overjoyed to see the original member joining her own trend.

Nevertheless, Karina is on the verge of creating a viral sensation with her latest move.

On May 27, aespa officially dropped their highly anticipated first full album “Armageddon”and the accompanying music video for its title track. The MV was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from K-pop enthusiasts, who praised its musicality, concept, and aespa’s stellar performance.

In order to further promote the song, aespa delighted fans by performing on various stages.

Several clips taken from aespa’s ‘Armageddon”performance at Sungkyunkwan University on May 30 were uploaded by fans on TikTok.

Out of all the videos posted by MYs, Karina’s clip received the most attention.

Based on the online clips, Karina was seen executing the choreography flawlessly, showcasing her exceptional dancing skills. Check out the clips below:

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Despite receiving praise for her commendable body control, Karina was also recognized as a skilled main dancer by some. In addition, a few fans shared that they even attempted to replicate her powerful popping move. See their reactions below:

  • “Her control is crazy.”
  • “She’s the main dancer for a reason.”
  • “Popping plus a little bit of vibration. That’s our main dancer.”
  • “I tried to do the popping technique and almost broke my back from doing it.”
  • “Her popping and facial expressions, bro.”
  • That’s a whole level of popping.”
  • “I’m so obsessed with that part of the choreo I wish I could make my body move like that
  • “I swear that vibration is so hard to do. I always end up looking goofy as heck.”
  • “It’s incredible. I don’t even understand how it’s done.”
  • “That’s mad body control.”
  • “She’s on the beat of the “drum”thingy, that’s so cool man.”
  • “Every time I do the pop, I feel like my brain’s disconnecting from my skull.”

Did you have a reaction to Karina’s dance skills? Are you excited for more of aespa’s activities? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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