Where to Invest Your Gold in Squad Busters

The introduction of gold as both a free and premium currency by Supercell’s Squad Busters added an interesting dynamic to the game. While gold can be used for almost everything in the game, it cannot be used for Plaza cosmetics. Therefore, it is important to strategize and spend gold wisely in Squad Busters.

What Can You Buy with Gold in Squad Busters?

There are various options for spending gold in Squad Busters:

  • Characters or Character Tokens
  • Chest refills
  • Refreshing the gold shop
  • Keeping your winning streak

Although there are limited options, the most worthwhile investment for your hard-earned gold is the chest refill. The x1 refill is priced at 2,500 gold while the x3 refill costs 6,000 gold. Opting for the x3 refill would be the best choice. Obtaining gold through quests and challenges is a challenging task, so it is important to be mindful and conservative with your spending.

These chests give you the opportunity to receive an additional reward when participating in a game of Squad Busters. Your chest will refill on its own after a certain amount of time, typically three hours. However, if you choose to use your gold to refill your chest, you will receive a larger amount of character tokens compared to purchasing them directly from the shop.

In order to illustrate the concept, let’s consider the cost of purchasing eight Barbarian King (baby) characters for 9,600 gold, as shown in the accompanying image. This equates to approximately 4.5 chest refills, with each refill providing a chance to obtain character tokens. Even if you were to receive the minimum amount of character tokens from each of the 4.5 chests (approximately two per chest), you would still end up with more than eight character tokens.

Presently, the Barbarian King is classified as an epic-quality character token. It is significantly more challenging to come across in chests in comparison to tokens of lower rarity. In such circumstances, it may be beneficial to use gold to purchase the epic rarity character tokens.

On the other hand, let’s consider a different point of view. If you have managed to win eight consecutive games (achieving at least 5th place or higher), you will receive three additional upgrade opportunities when opening a chest. Since winning the current game is also a requirement for obtaining upgrade chances, you will initially have more chances to upgrade when opening a chest.

In the optimal situation, your chest can upgrade to an epic-quality chest and earn the coveted “Super Big”tag, resulting in a generous 8+ character tokens. Although rare, this occurrence is more likely to happen if you maintain your streak, which is why it is crucial to have faith in yourself and utilize gold to purchase chest refills.

If you happen to lose, you have the option to use gold to replenish your winning streak. Nevertheless, this is only advisable if you are certain of your ability to secure a comfortable victory and if your loss was due to a single mistake.

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