My Hero Academia Studio’s Upcoming Mysterious Anime Project

Studio Bones, the production company responsible for popular anime titles such as My Hero Academia and Bungo Stray Dogs, has an upcoming project in the works. More information regarding this project will be revealed in the near future.

Anime Expo 2024, which will be held from July 4 to 7 in Los Angeles, is quickly approaching, and numerous popular franchises are expected to make an appearance. Among them are Oshi no Ko Season 2, Dandadan, and Blue Lock, three highly-anticipated anime shows that will be featured throughout the weekend.

The schedule features a panel that stands out as particularly intriguing. Studio Bones and Kodansha, a manga publisher, are teaming up to unveil a new collaboration in their event.

According to the information provided on Anime Expo’s official website, the two individuals will not only unveil the project, but also showcase a trailer and share behind-the-scenes footage. Attendees will also receive a special gift.

The panel, hosted by Kodansha, will take place on July 4, the first day of the expo. Kodansha is renowned for publishing Attack on Titan and numerous other high-quality manga titles. If you are attending the expo, consider yourself fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this panel.

Due to Kodansha’s ownership of Weekly Shōnen Magazine, the potential possibilities for its content are vast. With a vast array of manga published on a weekly basis by the company, nearly all of them are eligible for adaptation.

Despite this, the timing of this opportunity is ideal for Studio Bones as one of their most popular anime, My Hero Academia, is set to conclude soon and their newer productions, including Sk8 the Infinity and Metallic Rouge, are unlikely to reach the same level of success.

Despite potentially not living up to the high standards set by Deku and Class 1-A, this new show is expected to be another well-made production from Studio Bones, a studio known for their quality work. We will have to wait until July to learn more about it. Be sure to check out our list of upcoming anime for more titles to watch out for, and don’t miss our guides on the upcoming second seasons of Tower of God and Solo Leveling for more exciting entertainment options.

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