Is BTS Jimin’s YouTube MV Being Shadowbanned? Fans Demand Answers

Even though they are currently fulfilling their mandatory military enlistments, the members of BTS have continued to keep their fans entertained with pre-prepared content.

The most recent drop from the group is Jimin’s ‘Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco),’ released on June 27. While fans were delighted by the release, it also sparked concerns about the idol’s YouTube performance statistics.

Currently, Jimin’s music video has accumulated approximately 4 million views and 1.1 million likes. This leads to a notably high like-to-view ratio of approximately 1 in 4. When compared to other recent releases on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel, the metrics show a significant difference.

BTS Jimin
BTS Jimin (Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

For example, TWS’s “내가 S면 넌 나의 N이 되어줘”has gained 405 thousand likes and 14 million views, making it a ratio of approximately 3 likes for every 10 views. Meanwhile, BTS RM’s “Lost”has accumulated 9.8 million views and 1.3 million likes, resulting in a ratio of around 6 likes for every 50 views.

RM (Photo : Youtube (SS capture))
TWS (Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

It has been suggested by fans that the release of three videos on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel at almost the same time could have possibly impacted Jimin’s MV views.

Some people have raised concerns about a bigger problem, speculating that YouTube may have “shadowbanned”BTS as a group. Shadow banning is a more subtle form of censorship that can manipulate the way content is received, resulting in inconsistencies between reported views and engagement.

One fan voiced their frustration on social media, stating, “…isn’t this f*cking weird to yall?”

It’s not uncommon for fans to express worry about the way YouTube manages BTS’s content. The possibility of shadow banning or algorithmic biases may be impacting the videos’ visibility and success.

Fans have previously raised concerns about YouTube’s handling of these issues, sparking increased attention and ongoing discussions surrounding the platform’s algorithms and their perceived fairness and transparency.

Despite BTS’s ongoing military service, their dedicated fanbase continues to provide unwavering support and vigilance.

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