Is This the End of (G)I-DLE? Alarming Trademark Activity Sparks Panic Among Fans

Despite the latest actions taken by CUBE Entertainment, fans of the popular K-Pop group (G)I-DLE are growing more and more worried about their future activities.

(G)I-DLE has rapidly gained recognition in the K-Pop industry since their debut in 2018.

Despite its success, CUBE Entertainment has been met with criticism for its handling of the group over the years. Soyeon has been vocal about her conflicting emotions towards the company, even disclosing that one of their popular songs nearly did not make it to the public due to CUBE’s choices.

Recently, (G)I-DLE’s fans have become concerned about the future of the group after noticing a recent move by CUBE Entertainment. It was brought to light through a tweet that CUBE had filed for additional items to be added to (G)I-DLE’s trademark properties.

Despite the seemingly random nature of these actions, some fans speculate that this is a preemptive measure to prevent unauthorized use of the (G)I-DLE name. This situation is reminiscent of a previous incident involving the group HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as Beast) in December 2016. After leaving CUBE Entertainment, they were forced to change their name due to a trademark dispute with the company, which was ultimately resolved earlier this year. Interestingly, a month prior to their departure, CUBE had also filed trademark registrations for BEAST. This has raised concerns among fans that (G)I-DLE may not be renewing their contract with CUBE.

In the event that this is true, it could present major obstacles for the group in promoting under their current name, potentially making it difficult for them to do so at all. The thought of history repeating itself has caused fans to feel concerned about the future of (G)I-DLE and their ongoing achievements in the K-Pop scene.

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