Is Nam Joo-hyuk & Suzy Dating? The Truth Behind Rumors Revealed

In the past few days, speculations of a romantic relationship between Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy have been circulating online. This was sparked by sightings of the two spending time together, as Nam Joo-hyuk took a break from his military duties.

Moreover, the actor was seen taking a stroll in the same residential area where Suzy resides, leading to speculation and conversation.

suzy nam joo hyuk
suzy nam joo hyuk
suzy nam joo hyuk

Surprisingly, Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy first encountered each other at the after party for the premiere of Suzy’s recent film, “Wonderland”. The two actors were both present at the event, along with other cast members from their K-drama “Start Up”, in which they starred together.

It is probable that Nam Joo-hyuk was merely expressing his support for a former co-star, rather than confirming any previous dating speculations.

Origin: K Crush

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