Why IVE An Yujin Is Massively Loved by General Public: ‘She’s Perfect’

What are the reasons behind the immense popularity of IVE An Yujin in South Korea? According to a Korean media outlet’s report, the answers have been unveiled.

An article featuring An Yujin, the leader of fourth-generation stars and IVE, was recently released by the media outlet Sports Kyunghyang.

The article focused on the favorable responses from South Koreans following the announcement of Yujin as the newest spokesperson for the popular coffee brand, Maxim.

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This joins the extensive list of brands she is promoting, which includes Dongwon Tuna, Hana Financial Group, Mardi, SUNHARI, NEPA, Clio, and Fendi.

Fans were taken aback when they saw the list, as Yujin, who has only been an idol for approximately 6 years, managed to secure deals from highly sought-after brands that are usually reserved for top-tier actresses or senior idols.

Despite this, there have been no complaints and the majority of his transactions have been successful and well-received, not only by avid DIVEs (fandom) supporters but also by regular consumers.

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Consequently, the media outlet disclosed several factors contributing to her increasing popularity among the public.

The article initially emphasized the influence of her appearance on the popular tvN entertainment show, “Earth Arcade.”During her time on the show, she displayed her laid-back nature, sharp sense, and quick wit.

Her character captured the affections of multiple generations, including children in elementary, middle, and high school as well as their parents.

One other factor contributing to her appeal is her aesthetics, which are comparable to those of professional models. She possesses a flawless appearance, towering stature, and striking facial characteristics, embodying the concept of “natural beauty.”

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Being a highly acclaimed idol who expanded her fame beyond one fandom and solidified her position as a beloved public figure, she was highly sought after by advertisers and gained recognition as the ultimate ad model.

Furthermore, not only luxury brands within Korea, but also renowned names like Fendi were captivated by her effortless yet elegant charm that effortlessly complemented various fashion pieces, whether they were beauty products, clothing, or household items.

The article also included some comments from netizens that were unanimously in agreement about Yunjin, such as:

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  • “She’s a smart person with a strong ego and self-centeredness.”
  • “She plays like crazy, but she’s the smart type who never shows up late for school and completes her work by submitting assignments regularly.”
  • “If there is a daughter like that in my family, it would be a waste to get her into a marriage, and if I have a younger sister like her, I would be so proud and would want to do more for her.”

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In 2018, An Yujin made her debut in the K-pop industry through her participation in Mnet’s “PRODUCE 48″survival audition program.

After securing the fifth spot, she made her debut in a girl group called IZ*ONE. Following the group’s disbandment, Yujin re-debuted as the leader of Starship’s girl group IVE. She currently serves in this role.

Ever since their debut, they have upheld their position as fourth-generation leaders with a string of successful releases including “ELEVEN,””LOVE DIVE,””After LIKE,””I AM,””Kitsch,””Baddie,”and “HEYA.”

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