Is Skull and Bones coming to Steam Deck?

Skull and Bones is the new game from Ubisoft and it will be launched for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. However, Steam Deck users are wondering if it will also be available on Valve’s handheld console. Here’s everything we know.

Players around the world have been waiting for a long time for the pirate-themed game, which will finally launch on February 16 after suffering numerous delays.

This open-world RPG is set in the Indian Ocean, around the 17th century, during the golden age of piracy. The game was inspired by the naval warfare of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and will put players in command of a ship to navigate the sea, plotting and flying.

Since the game is only launching on next-gen consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S – as well as PC, players are wondering if they will be able to become the ultimate pirate king on the Steam Deck.

Monster marin Skull and Bones

Can you play Skull and Bones on Steam Deck?

No, Skull and Bones is not available on Steam Deck. This is likely because the game isn’t launching on Steam, but mainly because it isn’t intended for previous generation platforms, which includes Valve’s console.

Lately, Ubisoft has excluded its big titles from the possibilities of the Steam Deck, as recently happened with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. The reason behind this could be because developers are starting to abandon older consoles, but also due to games requiring more powerful hardware to run.

If Skull and Bones eventually makes it to the Steam Deck, it will need the appropriate adjustments to maintain good performance and not spoil the players’ experience. If this happens, we will update this guide.

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