Resources and XP in Palworld: Settings, Increase, and More

Leveling up in Palworld can be a painful experience, especially early in the game, and especially if you’re not aware of all the possibilities available to you. So here is how you can increase your resources and XP in Palworld.

Palworld has a fairly simple leveling and XP system, which is made slightly more difficult by the fact that accumulating XP and resources can be a slow process. As a result, the game can get really repetitive. This is why it would be useful to know some tips to speed up this grind.

There are several ways to do this, and the tips in this guide are accessible to all players.

So here’s how to increase your resources and XP easily and quickly in Palworld.

How to increase your resources and XP in Palworld

Increasing XP and resources in Palworld is as simple as adjusting your World Settings to your liking.

Here are the steps to follow to increase your earnings:

  • Tap Start Game from the main menu.
  • Select “Change world settings” .
  • Under the Difficulty tab, scroll down to “Custom” .
  • Choose “Custom Settings” and adjust the rate of EXP and Amount of collectibles obtained.
World Menu in Palworld

In Palworld, you can change your World Settings in the Custom Settings menu.

In the Custom Settings, there is a list of sliders that allow you to change a variety of things in your World. However, we’re going to focus on the EXP Rate and Amount of Collectibles Achieved sliders.

The EXP Rate will adjust how quickly you can gain XP during your game. If you want to increase it, make sure to adjust the slider in Custom Settings to a higher rate. This will ensure that you gain XP faster and slow down that grind.

The Amount of Collectibles Obtained setting will adjust how quickly you gather resources. Increasing this slider will allow you and your Pals to gather a larger amount of resources at once, significantly reducing the time it takes to get everything you need.

Of course, if you find that the grind is a little fast, you can always decrease these sliders, at any time, in the Custom Settings.

How to quickly gather resources in Palworld

Adjusting your settings in Palworld is the first step, but quickly gathering resources comes with time and experience. Indeed, you will eventually learn where to find them and which Pals are best for each resource.

A base with Pals in Palworld

Each Pal has a well-defined role in your base.

Gathering resources in Palworld is the basis of managing your base and your Pals. Resource locations are scattered across the map and the Pals who are best at collecting them are even better.

Here are some tips to reduce resource collection time:

  • Establish a base near a resource-rich area.
  • Get to know the map and where to find the resources you need.
  • Build a base near a water area to quickly gather Pal Fluid.
  • Use the Pals that are best for each resource.
  • Make sure to put Pals with high Gathering and Transport skills to work.

In tandem with the Amount of Collectible Items Obtained setting and these tips, you will likely get enough resources to obtain high-quality items and level up your Technologies quickly.

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