Is Zenless Zone Zero cross-platform? Crossplay for PC, PlayStation, iOS & Android explained

Zenless Zone Zero is compatible with PC, PS5, iOS, and Android. However, it is important to note if the game offers crossplay and cross-platform support.

There is always something to keep players occupied in New Eridu, whether it’s unlocking free Zenless Zone Zero characters or using hard-earned Polychromes on the current banner.

Despite this, there may be a lot of players who are curious about whether or not ZZZ offers crossplay and cross-progression capabilities. This is understandable, as the option to connect progress and play with other fans on multiple platforms such as PC, PS5, and mobile can be highly advantageous.

Is Zenless Zone Zero crossplay?

ZZZ characters

Zenless Zone Zero crossplay support is present within the game.

Zenless Zone Zero is indeed crossplay, allowing players to team up with others on PC, Android, iOS, and PS5. However, due to the limited availability of multiplayer in ZZZ, it can be difficult to play with friends. This is especially true in the Reckless Challenge mode, as matchmaking is completely random.

It is worth mentioning that the option to disable crossplay is available in the in-game settings for players, so make sure to utilize it if you prefer to only play with others on your platform.

We will continue to keep you informed about Zenless Zone Zero’s crossplay modes as HoYoverse reveals more details. As always, we will provide updates.

Is Cross-Platform Progression Available in Zenless Zone Zero?

Cross-progression is available for all versions of Zenless Zone Zero, making it convenient for players who want to continue their journey while on the go. This is especially beneficial for those with long commutes or free time in real life.

With the free-to-play nature of Zenless Zone Zero, you have the option to download the game on multiple systems. Therefore, we suggest trying out ZZZ on PC, PS5, and mobile to determine which platform suits you best.

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