The Best CS2 Knives and Where to Purchase Them

In Counter-Strike 2, knives are highly coveted items. If you wish to replace the default blades with more intriguing options, here is a list of all the knives in CS2, arranged from most to least expensive.

There are 19 different types of knives available, each with its own distinct skins, patterns, and designs. While some knives, such as the Butterfly Knife or Karambit, are consistently expensive, others that are considered “cheaper”can also have a high cost if they feature a specific pattern.

For instance, a type of uncommon design known as ‘Blue Gems’ can skyrocket the price of any knife to thousands of dollars. Certain knives have been known to fetch over $10,000, with the priciest one estimated to be worth around $1.5 million.

However, due to the fact that the majority of us do not possess such a large sum of money, we will instead be examining the prices of CS2 knives on the Steam Market or reliable third-party websites like Skinport. These prices will be influenced by factors such as the skin, wear, and pattern. As knife prices tend to vary frequently, this page will be consistently updated on a monthly basis with the most current prices.

The paragraph below contains the same information:

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The standard versions of these knives fall within these price ranges. However, these price charts do not account for exceptionally rare versions such as Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Black Pearl, or Blue Gem (Case Hardened) knives.

As of July 2024, the most costly knives in CS2 are listed in order of price:

All CS2 Knives and Prices (July 2024)

Knife Release date Price Image
Butterfly Knife July 1, 2014 $800-$8000
Karambit August 14, 2013 $650-$8000
M9 Bayonet August 14, 2013 $530-$7000
Talon Knife August 3, 2018 $300-$4000
Skeleton Knife November 19, 2019 $280 – $2000
Bayonet August 14, 2013 $250-$2000
Kukri Knife February 7, 2024 $220-$2000
Stiletto Knife August 3, 2018 $220-$2000
Flip Knife August 14, 2013 $160-$2000
Nomad Knife November 19, 2019 $150-$1500
Classic Knife October 18, 2019 $140-$1500
Huntsman Knife May 1, 2014 $120-$1200
Ursus Knife August 3, 2018 $120-$1200
Bowie Knife February 18, 2016 $120-$1000
Falchion Knife May 26, 2015 $110-$1000
Paracord Knife November 19, 2019 $100-$800
Survival Knife November 19, 2019 $100-$800
Shadow Daggers September 17, 2015 $90-$600
According to Knife August 3, 2018 $80-$600

Most Expensive CS2 Knife: Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife was introduced in 2014 and remains the priciest knife in CS2. The lowest-priced variation typically costs around $800, while the highest-priced can exceed $10,000, usually for Emerald or Sapphire Butterfly knives. At one point, Emerald Butterfly Knives sold for over $25,000, but they now sell for around $15,000.

Despite not being the largest blade, particularly when compared to the Bayonet, Bowie, or Huntsman, the Butterfly is priced at a premium due to its animations.

Performing both the act of drawing the knife and inspecting it will showcase your in-game character’s impressive knife skills. Watch the video to see the animations in action:

Despite other costly knives in CS, the priciest one is the Karambit, specifically the 387 pattern ‘Blue Gem’ Karambit in Factory New condition. Currently, there is only one of these knives in existence, and the individual who possesses it rejected an offer of approximately $1.5 million for it.

Cheapest CS2 knife

The Navaja knife is the most affordable knife available in CS2. Despite being added in 2018, it is one of the newer knives and has a small blade and limited animations.

Despite some players’ claims that it resembles a letter opener or butter knife, the Navaja knife is capable of inflicting significant damage. The most affordable Navaja knives can be purchased for approximately $100.

Cheapest CSGO knife
YouTube: BTD-TV

This Marble Fade Navaja is more expensive, and has been rising in price.

The Shadow Daggers, which can be purchased for approximately $100, are another option for a budget-friendly knife. This set actually consists of two knives, one for each hand, which may enhance their appeal.

Regrettably, similar to the Navaja, they are not considered very intimidating knives, resulting in a negative perception among players.

Recommended CS2 Knives to Purchase

Therefore, if obtaining your own knife in CS2 is your goal, where should you begin? There are various factors to take into account, apart from simply choosing the one that appeals to you the most.

Price & Investment

It is important to be mindful of your budget when purchasing items. If you are unable to afford the knife you desire at the moment, it may be wise to postpone the purchase and save up some funds. Holding onto Counter-Strike knives for a period of time before selling them could potentially yield a return on your investment.

In the past, certain knives may have decreased in value, however, since the launch of CS2, almost every knife in the game has seen an increase in price. The introduction of new CS2 lighting has particularly benefitted Fade, Doppler, and Vanilla knives, causing their prices to skyrocket.


Before purchasing a knife, it is important to view the in-game animations. These animations will be present in every match, making it crucial to select a knife with animations that you enjoy.

There are numerous YouTube videos available to demonstrate all the animations, or you can also experience them for yourself in-game by utilizing a custom server and checking out websites like BroSkins.

Wear, Pattern, Skin

Each knife comes with a range of patterns, from simple dark designs such as Night Stripe to bold rainbow variations like Marble Fade. Generally, the more eye-catching patterns will be priced higher due to their popularity. However, do not assume that the plain version, also known as ‘Vanilla’, will be less expensive.

Blue Gem knife in CSGO

Case Hardened knives with lots of blue are very rare and expensive, and are called “Blue Gems” .

Talon, shown above, is an example of a Blue Gem skin with a maximum blue pattern. The website CSGOBlueGem keeps a record of all the known Blue Gem knives, if you are interested in learning more about them.

It is crucial to consider the condition of the knife as well. A knife labeled as ‘Factory New’ will appear nearly perfect, whereas a ‘Battle Scarred’ knife will have noticeable damage and signs of wear, ultimately affecting its price.

Lastly, if you are dedicated to improving your knife, it is important to consider the patterns. Each knife skin contains 1000 unique patterns, resulting in a wide range of appearances. For instance, with ‘Fade’ knives, certain patterns may feature a greater amount of paint on the knife, while others may have noticeable gaps – making each knife truly one-of-a-kind.

Where to buy CS2 knives

If you have decided on purchasing a knife, there are several options available to you. The most convenient method is to use the Steam Marketplace, where you can find items valued up to $2000 for sale. You can easily add funds to your Steam balance and complete the transaction.

Despite its many advantages, there are also drawbacks to using Steam, particularly when it comes to pricing. As Valve takes a cut from every transaction, many sellers choose to increase their prices on the platform. As a result, third-party websites have a competitive edge in this aspect.

There are several trustworthy websites that specialize in CS2 skins, such as Skinport, BitSkins, and CSMONEY. These platforms frequently offer knives at lower prices compared to those found on the Steam market.

However, if you are in search of a highly expensive knife pattern such as a Ruby or Emerald, you will need to utilize a third-party website as the Steam Marketplace has a restriction on prices.

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