iShowSpeed Accepts Viewer’s Street Fight Challenge in Greece

IShowSpeed found himself in a boxing match with a fan in Greece when he was unexpectedly challenged to a street fight.

IShowSpeed’s European journey has brought him to Athens, Greece, where he continues to run into fans at every turn.

As the influencer live streamed and walked the streets with his security detail following closely behind, a crowd started to gather behind him.

Eventually, IShowSpeed encountered a fan who was standing in his way, holding two pairs of boxing gloves and asking the streamer to engage in a “fight”. IShowSpeed agreed to take on the challenge.

The topic will commence at 15:15.

After the fan suggested that he should face off against the YouTuber’s security, IShowSpeed asked, “You want to fight me?”However, the suggestion was quickly shut down.

As Speed put on his gold and black gloves and declared that he was “doing this sh** for Greece,”someone could be heard encouraging him, saying, “You can beat him, you can do it.”

The duo ultimately decided to avoid targeting the face, as a sizable crowd gathered to witness the impending brawl. Without hesitation, IShowSpeed unleashed a barrage of punches on the spectator, who could only defend against the attack.

As the crowd began to chant “fight,”he briefly paused to ask security to hold onto his phone before resuming the match. Both the influencer and fan exchanged some hits in the second round, but IShowSpeed ultimately emerged as the victor once again.

The impromptu boxing match ended with him being celebrated as the “winner,”causing the onlookers to burst into cheers.

One person commented on a YouTube clip that “Bro actually tried to knock his ass out,”in reference to IShowSpeed’s direct involvement in the fight. Another viewer on X (previously known as Twitter) speculated that Speed was taking out his frustration from being repeatedly attacked throughout the week.

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