IShowSpeed addresses viral confrontation with Amy Flamy

YouTube personality IShowSpeed recently discussed his highly-publicized encounter with his alleged former partner Amy Flamy and also revealed his new hairstyle following his decision to cut off the dreadlocks he sported during his last live stream.

Famous YouTuber Darren ‘IShowSpeed‘ Watkins has once again become the subject of controversy due to his supposed romantic involvement with fellow streamer Amy Flamy. Despite previously going on multiple dates in South Korea and London, the two have now gone their separate ways.

The public learned about the breakup through a live stream on June 9, during which Speed and Flamy got into a heated argument. The argument was about Speed’s barber, Courtney, allegedly manipulating him into confronting Amy about why she didn’t answer his call. As a result, both parties unfollowed each other on social media and deleted each other’s pictures from their feeds.

“I want to make it clear that she was never my girlfriend,”he stated.

Despite claiming that Flamy was his girlfriend to his viewers, he clarified that she was unsure about dating him in reality.

Upon reflection, Speed acknowledged his mistake and explained, “I sought advice from another girl on what to say to Amy, and that’s where I went wrong. I’ll be honest, I struggle with communicating with girls, not as well as I would like to.”

The heated confrontation stemmed from fans suggesting that he should date her, while many in the chat accused Courtney of manipulating Speed against Amy.

Speed responded to Flamy’s accusations that he only contacted her during a stream. He acknowledged texting her outside of streams but refuted the claim that he called her, expressing that her allegations greatly angered him.

Concluding his remarks, Speed expressed regret and unveiled a new hairstyle, stating, “I even cut off those dreads, I felt so guilty for getting my hair done by Courtney.”He acknowledged that he had listened to Courtney and had a disagreement with Amy over “something so trivial”according to him.

The rift between Speed and Flamy caught the eye of another prominent streamer, Kai Cenat. Cenat took to his stream to address the situation, offering support to Speed and suggesting a meeting to discuss the issue.

Speed concluded the stream by assuring viewers that he will discuss the situation with Amy and they will attempt to repair their relationship, though he believes it is unlikely to occur in the near future.

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