One Piece manga returns this week, and we have good news

After a one-week break, the One Piece manga will return this Sunday, bringing with it more exciting news that has fans buzzing with anticipation.

Despite reaching new heights in every chapter of the Egghead Arc, One Piece’s pacing has been affected by the frequent hiatuses. The most recent break occurred after Chapter 1116, with another hiatus just two weeks prior.

Despite some recent setbacks, the manga appears to be regaining its momentum. According to a recent leak from a One Piece insider on X, there will be no hiatus after the release of Chapter 1117 on June 16, 2024. This suggests that the next break will not occur until at least June 30, following the release of Chapter 1118.

Like most Weekly Shonen Jump manga, One Piece also takes a break every three weeks to give the authors a much needed rest from their demanding workload. However, due to his health, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has been taking more frequent breaks in recent times.

The author appears to have made a full recovery and the manga is expected to resume its regular schedule. Fans are ecstatic, as the current storyline is highly captivating. Additionally, the ongoing Egghead Arc is reaching its climax and it has been hinted that the Elbaf Arc will begin later this year.

To properly commence this significant and lore-rich arc, it is crucial that the author is in top form. Therefore, the fact that there will not be another break for One Piece in the near future has left readers feeling optimistic about the manga’s future. One X user expressed, “We are grateful that Oda has returned,”while another exclaimed, “The absence of a break has made my world suddenly so much brighter.”

There are also concerns about a potential hiatus following Chapter 1118, given the manga’s recent release schedule. According to a post by a Reddit user (link), there is a possibility of another break after 1118, with one user commenting, “It feels like it’s never going to end,”and another adding, “We may not have a break this week, but there’s a chance for a hiatus after next week.”

Despite the potential for another hiatus after Chapter 1118 of One Piece, it is impossible to predict at this point. While there have been complaints from a few fans, the majority are supportive of the author taking time for himself. Nonetheless, the anticipation for the upcoming Chapter 1117 remains high.

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