IU’s Rejected Offers: Queen of Tears and The 8 Show?

Audiences have been giving high praise to the Netflix K-drama “The 8 Show”for its escalating suspense that keeps viewers engaged until the final episode. The show has garnered positive ratings for its captivating plot and well-developed characters, with a special mention to the female lead, “8F,”portrayed by Chun Woo-hee.

In the movie, a group of eight individuals with varying personalities come together to compete in a game in hopes of winning money. Each of them has their own struggles in life, whether it be financial or emotional. At first, they work together to maximize their earnings from the game organizers. However, they eventually discover that the rewards and prize money they receive are not equal. 8F (portrayed by Chun Woo-hee) is allocated the biggest and most luxurious room, with her prize money being equivalent to the sum of what the others received.

chun woo hee the 8 show
chun woo hee the 8 show
Chun Woo-hee successfully portrays the “crazy girl” 8F

This character is known for her eccentricity. While others are focused on saving and cutting costs, 8F wastes no time in spending her initial funds on things that bring her pleasure. Chun Woo-hee portrays the character’s craziness and self-centeredness with great skill. When the rest of the players band together against her, 8F swiftly utilizes her privileges to deprive them of food and water, using this as leverage to make them apologize and do as she pleases.

When “The 8 Show” held its casting in January 2022, the role of 8F was initially offered to popular singer IU. She was chosen to play the female lead, but later withdrew from the project in May 2022. She was replaced by Chun Woo-hee. It is widely speculated that if IU had accepted the role of 8F, it would have been a significant opportunity for her to showcase her acting skills, as the character requires a certain level of eccentricity.

In 2022, IU declined an offer to appear in writer Park Ji-eun’s new project, which sparked speculation about her potential involvement. However, her team clarified that they had politely declined the offer. The role was eventually given to Kim Ji-won, causing a buzz for the highly-anticipated drama “Queen of Tears.”

The reason IU turned down both The 8 Show and Queen of Tears?

Despite her decision to decline both dramas, IU is often the subject of regret as they have both achieved considerable success. In fact, “Queen of Tears”not only surpassed “Crash Landing on You”as tvN’s top-rated drama, but also surpassed JTBC’s “Sky Castle”to rank third among the highest-rated cable dramas in Korean television history.

kim ji won kim soo hyun queen of tears thumbnail
“Queen of Tears” has elevated the careers of Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun

In addition, “The 8 Show”is currently popular on various social media platforms. Furthermore, the portrayal of Chun Woo-hee as 8F in the show has been receiving a lot of attention. Her wild expressions, impeccable sense of style, and exceptional acting skills have made her a sensation.

chun woo hee the 8 show
Chun Woo-hee is praised for her breakthrough performance

Despite being offered two major roles, IU had to decline due to scheduling conflicts. After wrapping up filming for “Broker” (2022), the singer focused on preparing for her highly anticipated concert, “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun” , which marked her first solo tour in three years since “Love, Poem” (2019). With her busy schedule consumed by concert preparations, IU was unable to take on the acting roles.

iu concert solo
When the two projects were casting, IU was preparing for her solo concert

Despite this, there are those who argue that the success of these roles may have been influenced by the talented performances of Kim Ji-won and Chun Woo-hee. Despite any regrets, IU’s career continues to thrive as she confidently makes her own choices.

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