Jang Won-young Criticized For Allegedly Stealing Spotlight Of Leeseo At IVE Concert

Koreaboo sparked controversy on July 7th regarding Jang Won-young’s behavior at IVE’s recent concert in London, UK.

A netizen posted a fancam video that depicted Jang Won-young taking the crown from Leeseo and accused the female idol of stealing the attention from her fellow member. The netizen pointed out Jang Won-young’s apparent satisfaction in taking the prop from Leeseo and even added the caption “pick me”for her.

jang won young-leeseo

After the fancam was posted, it quickly gained over 1 million views and shares on TikTok. This sparked a discussion in the comment section regarding Jang Won-young’s behavior. Many individuals expressed their disapproval of her actions, accusing her of trying to steal the spotlight from another member. Comments such as “She seems to believe she is the main focus”, “I do not dislike her, but her actions demonstrate her desire for attention”, and others were made. Some even brought up previous instances of similar behavior.

jang won young leeseo

Despite the backlash, numerous fans came to the defense of Jang Won-young, asserting that her actions were meant to be lighthearted and playful towards Leeseo. It should also be noted that Jang Won-young and Leeseo have a strong friendship, as evidenced by their continued friendly interaction even after the controversial fancam incident. Moreover, in a separate video released by fans, Leeseo is seen happily adjusting Jang Won-young’s crown, further disproving any claims of frustration or anger towards Jang Won-young’s behavior.

jang won young

In the past, Jang Won-young has been involved in various controversies regarding her “center syndrome.”In November 2022, when IVE arrived at Gimpo Airport, Jang Won-young unexpectedly positioned herself between Ahn Yu-jin and Ga-eul while they were posing for photos in front of reporters. Additionally, she was observed attempting to move to the center position during IVE’s performance at a festival in July 2022.

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