New Jeans: Hanni’s Short Hair Trend

Hanni’s new short hairstyle made its debut in NewJeans’s music video for “Bubble Gum”and quickly gained a lot of attention. People were excited about this new look because it gave off a more vibrant and innocent feel, in contrast to her previous long straight hair.

Hanni frequently utilizes a wig to transform her short hair into various styles that complement her appearance. This trend is not exclusive to Hanni, as numerous celebrities have also opted for short haircuts to express their unique personalities, sparking a widespread trend among women.


Recently, a number of female celebrities have been embracing the short hair trend to showcase their individuality. Among them are Kara’s Kang Ji-young, who gained attention for her unexpected short hair makeover, Red Velvet’s Wendy, who has been sporting short locks for a while now, and Jeon Somi, who has revealed a new side of herself with a short and natural hairstyle. These stars have all chosen to rock short hair as a way to express their unique personalities.

Hanni decided to trim her hair to a shorter length that fell just above her jawline, including some short bangs. She opted for the hush cut style, which accentuated her quirky and energetic personality. In the “Bubble Gum”music video, she wore her hair down with subtle waves, but for subsequent promotional events, she added playful curls to create a charming and lively vibe.

hanni-kang ji young-wendy-jeon so mi

Kang Ji-young and Jeon Somi both exude a natural and boyish vibe with their short haircuts. They both enhance this look with long bangs and curly sections framing their facial features. Meanwhile, Wendy radiates a more feminine and innocent aura with thick waves cascading around her jawlines.

While there are various ways to style short hair, the defining characteristic of this hairstyle is what sets the current trend. One notable aspect is the use of light texture, in contrast to the heavy and straight texture of the tassel cut. This creates a flowy and airy appearance for the hair, rather than a more structured look. Adding in light layers also enhances the natural and stylish look of the short cut.

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