Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman’s Inkigayo Appearance: We Love K-pop

On the July 7th episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo,”Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made a guest appearance and announced the nominees for the No.1 trophy.

During a chat with MC Moon Sung-hyun on “Inkigayo”, Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman discussed their fascination with K-pop. Reynolds revealed, “I take great pleasure in listening to K-pop and I am honored to introduce this week’s most popular K-pop artists.”Jackman chimed in, saying, “I am a huge fan of K-pop music, especially when I’m strolling the streets of New York. I love upbeat and dance-oriented tracks.”

Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman

Afterwards, the two individuals presented the top three nominees, which included NewJeans, Lee Young-ji, and TWS.

Ryan Reynolds then proceeded to announce, “We also have a highly anticipated film that we hope will reach No.1. We invite you to join us at the theaters this month to experience our newest movie, filled with laughter, chemistry, and thrilling action: “Deadpool and Wolverine”.

Recently, Ryan Reynolds continued to show his deep admiration for K-pop artists by featuring NewJeans and Stray Kids on his social media accounts. In addition, Hugh Jackman was previously appointed as a Seoul public relations ambassador, making their collaboration on this occasion even more significant.

While the two actors were in Korea on July 3rd, they took part in promotional activities as the lead characters of the film “Deadpool and Wolverine.”

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