Jang Won-young’s Viral Songs: Lucky Vicky and Won-young’s Thinking

“The term “Won-young’s Thinking”describes a mindset in which we tackle any situation by replacing negative occurrences with optimistic thoughts. This newly coined word and meme are inspired by Jang Won-young’s exceptional positive outlook.”

Jang Won-young’s trip to Spain started with a video showcasing her experience at a bakery. During her visit, she had to wait for freshly baked bread as the one she wanted was sold out. Despite the delay, Jang Won-young was overjoyed as she was able to purchase the new bread. In fact, she excitedly declared, “It seems luck is on my side today!”

jang won young

Despite coming in last during a game in another video, Jang Won-young maintained a positive and optimistic attitude, relishing the feeling of being at the front even from the back.

Jang Won-young’s perspective of finding positivity in situations that could be seen as negative was known as “Won-young’s Thinking.”This mindset gained popularity within the fandom and eventually reached the public through online communities, garnering a tremendous amount of attention.

The nickname “Lucky Vicky,”given to Jang Won-young, has also captured the attention of many. This term, which combines “luck”and Jang Won-young’s English name “Vicky,”is of English origin.

The articles “Won-young’s Thinking”and “Lucky Vicky”have gained widespread popularity and have been referenced in various unexpected settings, including businesses and political circles.

Jang Won Young

During Amorepacific’s ‘Ayunchae’ rebranding special seminar, a guest speaker introduced “Won-young’s Thinking.”The pizza brand even mentioned “Won-young’s Thinking”in a tweet promoting their event. Furthermore, the use of the “Lucky Vicky”meme by Seongdong-gu District Office’s Head Jung Won-oh and the professional baseball team Doosan Bears also caught people’s attention.

Jang Won-young expressed her gratitude upon learning that “Won-young’s Thinking”was gaining popularity. She shared that it warmed her heart to see others viewing her work with affection and curiosity. She also saw it as a fortunate opportunity for her to potentially uplift someone’s spirits through her thoughts.

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