BTS Fans Express Complete Disappointment with HYBE over Low-effort Merch

A discussion about the “BTS Festa Merch”garnered significant interest on the Korean forum “theqoo”, with over 1,200 comments, after it was published under the title “BTS Festa Merch receives negative reception”.

The subject provided various images of HYBE’s most recent merchandise for the BTS 2024 Festa, which is a special occasion commemorating BTS’s debut anniversary.


Despite the attached photos, it is evident that all of the merchandise features a lackluster design, with the same logos haphazardly printed on hats, hoodies, and shirts that are only available in black and white.


This has resulted in many fans expressing their dissatisfaction on SNS, labeling the merchandise as “low effort”and accusing HYBE of attempting to exploit fans with subpar and low-quality products. Additionally, the prices fall on the higher end, further aggravating fans.

The following are comments from internet users:

  • Do they think fans are stupid enough to buy these?
  • Low quality, ugly, and expensive. If they want to make money, they should but in more effort
  • Despite their lack of interest in BTS, their main focus is solely on the money.
  • Does HYBE even have a merch design team? Because what the heck is this?
  • Zero effort…
  • There is no sincerity and the quality is poor.. It’s been a long time since I bought any goods… I’m just angry. What on earth do they think of BTS and their fans?
  • Wow they really are treating fans like mindless ATMs

The source of this information is from theqoo.

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