Jeff Wittek Discusses Disturbing David Dobrik Lawsuit on Trisha Paytas’ Podcast

During his appearance on Trisha Paytas’ YouTube podcast, Jeff Wittek revealed “disturbing”information about his lawsuit against David Dobrik.

In 2020, Wittek suffered brain damage, a fractured skull, a broken hip and foot, and a lacerated face as a result of a stunt gone wrong involving a tractor operated by Dobrik.

Despite initially stating he would not do so the year before, Wittek ultimately sued Dobrik in 2022 for $10 million in damages, ending their friendship following the near-fatal accident.

Two years after the lawsuit was announced and four years since the accident, Wittek has finally decided to speak about the ordeal on Paytas’ podcast, “Just Trish.”

The topic will start at 16:00.

Despite initially struggling to come to terms with the situation due to his friendship with Dobrik, Wittek now firmly believes that the once-popular YouTuber intentionally put him in harm’s way for the sake of creating content, as he has a tendency to enjoy seeing others get injured.

Wittek’s recovery journey continues as he deals with a lengthy list of injuries. He is anticipating a surgery that is estimated to cost around $80,000. Despite the progress he has made, he disclosed that his vision is still impaired, and he struggles with both blurred vision and reduced depth perception due to the accident.

Despite his ongoing health problems, Wittek felt that the lawsuit money was justified and owed to him. He had been forced to cover all expenses related to the situation out of his own pocket, stating, “[Dobrik’s] actions and responsibilities have resulted in me having to pay a significant amount of money.”

Wittek reiterated his desire for revenge and shared with Paytas that while money was not his main motivation, it would be satisfying to be wealthier than Dobrik. He jokingly added, “Just imagine saying, ‘I achieved this with one eye, motherf***er.’”

At present, the settlement of the lawsuit remains uncertain – although Wittek has expressed his desire for the case to proceed to trial.

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